Our indoor play activities and equipment:

Baby toys - I have a variety of age appropriate toys to stimulate and develop a baby's senses 

Multicultural activities - I provide a weekly theme based on seasonal, cultural and other events, this helps children to learn about different cultures.  children have celebrated, Chinese New Year, Diwali, St Patrick's Days, Independence day, St George's Day, Mardi Gras and many more cultural festivals.

Messy play - children have an opportunity to explore and be creative with various materials and media

Mark making - using a range of tools such as crayons, felts tips, pencils, using sticks to make marks in the mud/sand

Painting - with hands, brushes, sponges, potato, fruit, cars and other tools

Cooking - children learn to be creative in the kitchen, learning about the process of food, experimenting with different textures and tastes

Playdough - using cutters and tools 

Planting - sunflower seeds, cress, window boxes and watching how beans grow in a jar

Reading books - reading books together

Singing songs and learning new rhymes - We also go to a music group once a week

Problem solving activities - various puzzles, sorting boxes, threading beads

Construction toys - duplo, wooden bricks, brio train track, stickle bricks, lego

ICT toys - cameras, battery operated toys, computer

Games - a variety of games that are fun,promote turn taking and problem solving

Home corner - play kitchen with lots of accessories, such as  playfood, till, tea set and weighing scales 

Dressing up - lots and lots of clothes where children can delve in their imagination and be a doctor, nurse, dinosaur or even Harry Potter!

Dolls and accessories - Children can pretend to be Mummy or Daddy, feeding the baby, taking baby for a stroll in the pushchair and then putting  baby to bed 

Musical instruments - exploring and making different sounds using the musical instruments

Small world - Farm set, zoo,  dolls House - complete with furniture and multicultural dolls and playmobil

Cars - track and garage and a variety of vehicles









Outdoor activities

I take the children out into the local community daily, examples of the outdoor activities we do regularly are:

Walks to Chiswick House to feed the ducks

Acton green and Fisher’s lane playground

Turnham Green

Dukes Meadow

Gunnersbury Triangle

Kew Gardens

Gunnersbury and Syon Park


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